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Atman. The World of Soul

CONCEPT: Adrian Damian
PERFORMER: Mădălina Ciotea
VIDEO ART: Ioana Ilas Bodale
VIDEO ART: Mircea Ilas

ATMAN is a video art installation that explores the sensations of the unborn body and tries to provoke in the audience memories from the intrauterine period. What does an unborn child dream, how does he perceive the world, what is the relationship with the surrounding space, what does he “see” or how does he hear, are some questions that the artists involved in this installation set out to probe.

Based on the real experience of Mădălina Ciotea and Adrian Damian, of becoming parents , the installation invites the public to meditate on the origin and transcendence of life. They are invited to step into an immersive scenography universe that expresses the authors vision of a stage of life when we are still connected to another source of energy.

The title is a Sanskrit word meaning Self or Breath and refers to our inner spirit. In Hindu philosophy Atman is the first principle, the true inner self of any being, superior to any energy or phenomenon, of the same nature as the Supreme Self, the essence of any individual being.

The installation was part of BINAR 2019

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