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A curious Incident With a Dog at Midnight  by Simon Stephens

DIRECTOR: Bobi Pricop
SCENOGRAPHY: Adrian Damian
COSTUME DESIGN: Liliana Cenean
LIGHT DESIGN: Andrei Florea
VIDEO DESIGN: Dan Adrian Ionescu & Mizdan
MUSIC: Alexei Turcan
PRODUCED BY: I.L. Caragiale National Theater, Bucharest, 2016;
PHOTOS BY: Adi Bulboacă
The performance by Bobi Pricop, oscillating with lucid sensibility between comedy and drama, has a different speed from daily life: it is the mind-boggling speed of an intellect captive in a reality stuck inside its own boundaries.The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time is a performative show, in which the world-scenery built by Adrian Damian, made of mirrors, distances and perceptions, is composed and decomposed in order to face us with ourselves and with our frail certainties.
The multimedia enactment, with video proiections redefining the spatiality and music of the world in movement, is a challenging sensory odyssey on the edge of normality, between puns and the need for clarity. And emotion is the main special effect.
The questions stay open, at the end of the story: What does it mean to be different and why our spontaneous nature, however awry, must be regarded as a norm?
The show is based upon the adaptation signed by the British playwright Simon Stephens, after the bestselling novel by Mark Haddon, sold in over 6 million copies worldwide and distinguished with 17 prestigious literary awards.
The world premiere of the show took place at the London National Theatre in 2012, and now it is performed on Broadway, achieving great audience and critical acclaim.
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