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Romeo and Juliet by W. Shakespeare

DIRECTION: Attila Keresztes
SCENOGRAPHY: Adrian Damian
COSTUME DESIGN: Bianca Imelda Jeremias
VIDEO: Bartek Puh
MUSIC: Csaba Boros
PRODUCED BY: Jan Kochanowski Theatre, Opole, Poland 2018;
PHOTOS BY: Edgar de Poray

The shakespearian poetic language formulates as accurately as possible that one-off and complex emotion, which we experience in adolescence, although reminding us that we have to live our life intensely because death is always in the here, next to us.

Romeo and Juliet is the shortest and the most beautiful love story of the dramatic literature. It starts as it is already over. Because of the fragility of the story, it is not the social conflict that is emphasized, but the human relationship itself, more precisely the ability to establish human relations, which defines us both in our good and bad decisions. In this story, because of the irrepressible passions, there are much more wrong decisions than good ones, which lead to irreversible acts.

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